• Tours

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    Tours are by appointment only.

    Private tours: $10 adults, $8 children, $50 minimum.


    Free event admission for Friends of Weston.


    School and non-profit group rates available.


    Call (540) 272-0229, e-mail bndrsn@yahoo.com


    or write the Warrenton Antiquarian Society

    P.O. Box 239, Warrenton, VA 20188

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    School Tours

    Photo by Margaret Downey.

    Weston is a well preserved nineteenth century farm that gives visiting students an opportunity to see what rural life was like long ago. Teachers and parents will find that there are many Virginia Standards of Learning skills and concepts that can be introduced or reinforced at Weston. Students learn about domestic life inside the home, which contains period furnishings and artwork. They enjoy comparing “past and present” when visiting the Old Kitchen with its hearth and cooking utensils. The nineteenth century tools and equipment in the Old Kitchen, Timber Barn and Blacksmith Shop demonstrate relevant science SOLs pertaining to force, motion and energy. These artifacts are often good examples of simple and compound machines and inspire students to think about the “how” and “why” of such implements. At the Slave and Farm Workers Cabin, built in the 1840s, visitors can look for clues that historic preservationists used to date the dwelling. Primary sources such as Margaret Nourse’s diary, farm contracts and ledgers may be used to convey the challenges and conflicts that arose during and after the Civil War.

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    House and/or grounds are available for weddings, picnics, parties and group meetings.

    Weston is especially beautiful in the spring and fall, when examples of plant life cycles and seasonal changes are abundant.